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Fundraising with World's Finest Chocolate and

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Since 1939, World's Finest Chocolate has assisted schools, churches, sports teams, and charities raise over 4 billion dollars!

Why Choose World's Finest® Chocolate?

Earn up-to 50% profit on your chocolate sale!

Get additional FREE boxes based on your total boxes ordered!

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Qualifying orders that sell all of their chocolate receive a bonus check.

Receive up-to $1,800.00 in free chocolate! Call today for details.

All school organizations are automatically pre-approved for credit terms. Private organizations and individuals may apply for credit terms.

Our chocolate is so good and well-known, it practically sells itself. Which makes it even more special.

Fundraising experts in your area are dedicated to help you plan the perfect fundraiser at no additional costs.

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WFC Hearts 598 x 384

Since 1939, World's Finest Chocolate has assisted schools, churches, sports teams, and charities raise over 4 billion dollars!


World's Finest Chocolate is the sweetest way to bring profit to your organization and smiles to your community.  WFC leads the fundraising industry with premium quality chocolate products and programs.

Best Fundraising Idea For Schools, Teams, & Clubs

  • Elementary School Fundraisers - Elementary education shapes the foundation for young children to socialize and develop their personality and individuality. World's Finest Chocolate has helped teachers, staff members, parents, and students work together to develop successful elementary school fundraising ideas.
  • Middle School Fundraisers - Middle School fundraisers or Junior High School fundraisers are critically important. It is during this time that students are starting to join school clubs, teams, and extracurricular activities. World's Finest Chocolate is the perfect idea for middle school fundraisers because it helps develop critical thinking, negotiation, and persuasion skills.
  • High School Fundraisers - High school fundraisers typically are the most successful, as older students are more independent and have creative ways to raise money for their cause. High school is packed with activities, athletics, celebrations, and events. World's Finest Chocolate is a great high school fundraiser idea because it helps students develop their leadership, entrepreneurship, and marketing skills.
  • College Fundraisers - Whether students need money for tuition, extracurricular activities, rent, or dinner, World's Finest Chocolate is a trusted fundraising partner for colleges everywhere. Most students are able to sell cases of chocolate just by walking on campus and placing World's Finest Chocolate on their desks.
  • Baseball Fundraisers - Money raised for baseball fundraising typically goes towards team uniforms, new equipment, training tools, and often for travel expenses, tournament entry fees and umpire fees for traveling teams. Every year, thousands of baseball teams and baseball clubs choose World's Finest Chocolate as their fundraising partner.
  • Cheer Fundraisers - Cheerleaders typically have to foot the bill for some or all of their uniform costs and other expenses throughout the year. Fundraising ventures provide a way for cheerleaders and their families to ease the financial burden of participating in the cheerleading program. World's Finest Chocolate makes it easy for cheer teams to raise money so they can focus on cartwheels, stunts, and routines.
  • Football Fundraisers - Fundraising is a social activity and involves a lot of human interaction. Apart from boosting player confidence and countering player arrogance, fundraising promotes a sense of responsibility among football team players. World's Finest Chocolate has spent decades helping football teams reach their fundraising goal.
  • PTO/ PTA Fundraisers - There are many things PTAs can raise funds towards. Your association might want to raise funds to build a new sports facility or a daycare center. Perhaps they need funds for an educational field trip or an extracurricular activity. For years, World's Finest Chocolate has partnered with PTO and PTA groups to fund events and activities that promote family engagement at school, to strengthen home and school relationships.
  • Band Fundraisers - Marching bands, color guards, choirs, and music booster groups are often in need of financial support to sustain musical programs, fund competitions and concerts, cover travel costs for band camp and trips, and pay for instruments, uniforms, and training tools. World's Finest Chocolate's very first fundraising customer was a high school band in Illinois, and we've been helping bands ever since.
  • Booster Club Fundraisers - Booster clubs are formed to raise money for school sports and clubs. Parents generally run these clubs to provide enough funding for the team's activities, uniforms, and more. Fundraising for booster clubs can be done through membership fees, events, sales, and more. Each year, thousands of booster clubs choose World's Finest Chocolate as their fundraising partner.
  • Book Club Fundraisers - Book clubs can be magical. Bring together a group of friends, tear apart a book and all of a sudden the words have a second, paperless, life. New and used books can be expensive, especially for larger book clubs. World's Finest Chocolate is here to help Book Clubs unleash the power of reading.

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